The kids who are growing up in the kudil do not have much exposure to the external world.

Puzzler Foundation

Empowering Underprivileged Kids

MIKUL SARAVANAN Co-Founder - Project Lead

Mikul is a student at Columbia University and a Cranbrook alumini. He is passionate about technology and would like to inspire underprivileged kids in the field of technology. He is very grateful for the opportunities presented to him and he hopes to give underprivileged children the same opportunity.

VINEET SARAVANAN Co-Founder - Project Lead

Vineet is a high school student at Cranbrook School. He has developed a passion for research and robotics. He is very grateful for the opportunities presented to him and wants to help others grow. Vineet hopes to help underprivileged children to have the same opportunity he has had to learn and positively impact the world.

NADIR ALAM Outreach - Book Project Lead

Nadir is a high school student at Cranbrook Schools. He has developed a passion for justifying health disparities through his shadowing at University Health Clinic in Detroit. He would like to give more opportunities to underprivileged kids in science through research. He serves as the president of his school’s research club and works in a lab studying Neurological diseases at Wayne State University. Outside of this he enjoys watching and playing baseball as well as traveling.

FARHAN IBRAHIM Outreach - Book Project Lead

Farhan is a high school senior at Cranbrook Schools. Through his work shadowing and volunteering in various hospitals and practices, he developed a passion for reducing the effects of socio-economic conditions on healthcare. He worked in Wayne State University’s Vaccine Ambassadors program to spread information about vaccines to Detroit youth in an effort to combat the spread of misinformation and raise local vaccination rates. In his free time, Farhan likes to work on his sneaker collection, play video games, and watch and play basketball.

KRISH KALMADI Project Lead - Treasurer

Krish is a high school student at Cranbrook Schools. Through his work shadowing at a neuroscience clinic, he developed an early passion for helping underprivileged people get the care they deserve. He is currently writing a research paper on how machine learning can supplement gene editing technologies, hoping to promote literacy in new methods helping to advance healthcare in the future. Through his work at the Puzzler Foundation, Krish hopes to help children have access to information they might not have had. In his free time, Krish likes to watch movies, read books, run, and hang out with friends.

RITVIK SAMPATH Social Media - Book Project Member

Hi my name is Vik Sampath and I am a highschool student at Cranbrook Schools. Education inequality has also been a big problem for me and I believe a quality education for all is a right not a privilege. The Puzzler Foundation helps make an impact in taking down this inequality and moving the world to quality education for all.

ETHAN DHOMNIC Project Lead - Fundraising Lead

Ethan is a high school student at Notre Dame Prep. He is passionate about serving the causes he supports and hopes especially to serve underprivileged kids through service in the Puzzler Foundation. Ethan is also the vice president of NDP’s computer club and is involved in FIRST Robotics, CyberPatriot, Future Problem Solving, Model United Nations, NHS etc. He is fascinated by the continuing development of powerful technologies and seeks to study computer science and cybersecurity in college.

KAUSHIK JAGANKUMAR Outreach - Book Project Lead

Kaushik is a high school student at Stoney Creek High School. He is passionate about serving and assisting the community by any means possible especially in underprivileged communities through working with the Puzzler Foundation. Kaushik is also the co-president of SCHS Robotics, won state awards for HOSA, and is directly involved in other STEM community impact efforts. He is passionate about letting people reach their full potential and hopes to enable that by directly impacting his community.

KANAV KALMADI Social Media & Design Lead

Kanav Kalmadi is a rising freshman at Cranbrook with hopes of empowering disadvantaged children. As the editor-in-chief of his middle school's newspaper, *Crane Clarion*, and winner of the Michigan Interscholastic Press Association's 2024 Aspiring Young Journalist award, Kanav has had many run-ins with empowering his fellow students. However, joining the Puzzler Foundation allows him to empower not only those in his classroom, but students around the world. With this being said, Kanav has high hopes moving forward to help and bring up students who otherwise wouldn't have a fair chance to. Outside of the foundation, Kanav enjoys hobbies like listening to music, biking, and making beats.